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eLearning development
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Mindsmith is a next-gen eLearning authoring tool that uses generative AI to make it easy (and extremely fast) to create and share learning content
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You're the lesson architect

Tell the AI your vision in every step of the lesson generation process
Use your documents as source material for the AI when generating content
Fine-tune your lesson with our AI assistant
Add AI audio narration

Content customized to your organization

Collaborate with your teammates
Share commenting links
Adjust theming to match your brand
Mindsmith Commenting Interface
Mindsmith Sharing tools

Save your LMS Admin
the headache

When you update your lesson in Mindsmith, it updates in your LMS automatically (even with SCORM)
Dynamically host language versions in your LMS (even with SCORM!)
Track granular events (even with SCORM!!)

Real Feedback, Real Progress

”Mindsmith stands as an indispensable asset to our curriculum development team. Its proficient content creation capabilities empower us to swiftly and efficiently produce customized and compelling educational materials. We eagerly anticipate the ongoing collaboration with Mindsmith.”

Niyoka Mccoy, Chief Learning Officer at Stride, Inc
Niyoka Mccoy
Chief Learning Officer at Stride, Inc
”Mindsmith has strong interactive and question based blocks, but what sets them apart is their AI translation and narration features. Not to mention their multi-language tool. And they're constantly coming out with new features. We're excited about what the future holds for Mindsmith!”
Dan Graham, Creative Director at The Digital Learning Studio
Dan Graham
Creative Director at The Digital Learning Studio
”Mindsmith is a next level tool in the field of instructional design. I've shared it with instructional designer friends and they are all amazed about the opportunities Mindsmith can offer in terms of rapid authoring and eLearning development.”

Attila Arvai, Senior eLearning Designer at Security Compass
Attila Arvai
Senior eLearning Designer at Security Compass
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Frequently asked questions

Is Mindsmith an LMS?
No, Mindsmith is not an LMS. Typically, people will port Mindsmith lessons into an existing LMS through SCORM. But you can also share lessons as a public link, QR code, iframe embed code, via email/SMS, or as a review link.
How much time can I save with Mindsmith?
We've had customers tell us they they create content up to 12x faster than doing it manually. Depending on your use case it may be faster or slower.
What’s the difference between Mindsmith and just using ChatGPT to help write my content?
Mindsmith offers AI at every step of the lesson development process to follow the workflow of an instructional designer. Mindsmith also offers a best-in-class authoring tool to house and deliver your content.
Can I sell my courses from Mindsmith?
You are free to sell courses created in Mindsmith, however Mindsmith doesn't provide monetization tools. Those that sell courses made in Mindsmith typically integrate with an LMS built for content creators like LearnWorlds or through an LMS plugin for their wordpress website like LearnDash. You can also embed lessons on a website using the embed feature.