Building the Future of Learning

Our goal is to help you create the next generation of learning with the latest advances in machine intelligence. Elevate your organization with Mindsmith's specialized suite of AI-powered authoring tools--no prompt wizardry required.

What we value


We move beyond complicated, and outdated software that has become the status quo of interactive learning. Mindsmith is designed around simplicity, customizability, and rapid response to make the most of your time.


Mindsmith's suite of AI tools empowers you to instantly generate lessons tailored to your values and your learners' needs. Streamline each step of the design process with a framework built on leading machine learning.

Smart Learning

No more email chains and needless waiting. Mindsmith enables easy sharing and immediate feedback between instructors, designers, and learners, helping you to sharpen your best ideas faster.

Our roadmap

We leverage generative AI to make instructional design faster, cheaper, and more productive. By early 2024, Mindsmith will help you:

1. Lift static trainings (e.g. PowerPoints, Word documents, internal company materials) into a dynamic experience. We've already accomplished this.

2. Make these dynamic trainings customizable by enabling it to mold lessons around basic categories like the purpose of a lesson, context, and organizational role of the learner. This is the part of the technology we’re refining right now.

3. Deepen these customized experiences with a real-time adaptive AI assistant that tailors every aspect of the learning content to the individual’s identity. Our experimental AI assistant is a robust, evolving feature.

Meet our team

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Ethan Webb
Founder & CEO
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Zachary Allen
Founder & CTO
David Blake
Advisor; CEO of Degreed