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10 e-Learning Tools to Watch in 2023

This week, we’re drilling down into the world of e-Learning; we present 10 intriguing platforms and LMS services that we think will shape the learning landscape in 2023.
Written by
Coleman Numbers
Published on
February 10, 2023

Welcome back to the “AI in Learning” newsletter. This is an ongoing series that aggregates meaningful developments in the AI and learning spheres. We hope the content, ranging from higher-level meditations on the trajectory of the industry to explorations of use cases, will be helpful to you.

This week, we’re drilling down into the world of e-Learning; we present 10 intriguing platforms and LMS services that we think will shape the learning landscape in 2023.

Machine learning already places a rapid evolutionary pressure on the labor and skills market. Certain forms of human work become irrelevant or outmoded; AI enables deeper insights into how to distribute and rely on people’s unique contributions; and as the capacities of machine learning tools expand, so too do the capacities of savvy human users.

Versatile training platforms integrated with workers’ digital environments have become a mainstay for many industries. These companies provide connective tissue between the superhuman acceleration of AI, workers seeking relevant skills, and organizations in need of competitive teams.

Some of the platforms highlighted below explicitly market themselves as “AI-powered” or “AI-driven”; some don’t. Regardless, the companies we highlighted create human-tech connections that position employees in a variety of industries for success in an AI-powered future.

So, without further ado:

10 e-Learning Platforms to Watch in 2023.


A corporate LMS designed for frontline workers. Axonify uses machine learning to deliver personalized training to employees working in retail, grocery, the restaurant industry, and other sectors where users are highly mobile.


Boasts all the bells and whistles that most of these platforms do—gamified design, effective integrations, spaced learning and repetition structures—with a distinct emphasis on providing training to healthcare professionals.

area9 Lyceum

area9 offers a suite of adaptive learning tools--from an e-book that converts static documents into learning modules to real-time adaptive courses. Their main emphasis is a platform backed by rigorous cognitive science research.


Qualee casts itself as the complete employee onboarding and continual engagement package; their focus is on helping companies retain and enrich team members. They use AI to deploy and interpret customized employee engagement surveys.


A sales oriented training tool, Streamz uses AI to assist in quiz creation and reinforcement learning.


LearnUpon is an encompassing enterprise-level LMS. One of their main value props is high interactivity, allowing SCORM and xAPI importation directly in their course creator.


A gamified training app—Surge9 uses AI to personalize learning and retention.


Unlike the other AI-driven companies on the list that mostly rely on AI for insights or course personalization, resolve.ai offers Morsel.ai, a conversational assistant that guides employees through microlearning courses.


Docebo uses AI for virtual coaching, content tagging, and course content suggestions. They boast integration with over 400 other business systems including Zoom, Wordpress, and Shopify.


This company casts a broad net, emphasizing a mobile-first solution across many domains, from retail to  the classroom.


There you have it. We hope this brief survey of some exciting e-Learning tools proves useful as you take your organization into the future.

We kept Mindsmith off this list because we didn't want this newsletter to be a sales pitch (no, really). Nevertheless, we’ll offer this: unlike all the companies above, we’re pushing the boundaries of machine learning to change the learning landscape.

Mindsmith isn’t merely a more streamlined authoring tool with AI analytics tacked on. We don’t just offer slick, easily integrable game-like learning cards (although we do). AI is at the center of Mindsmith—it powers every aspect of course creation, from brainstorming large-scale lesson structures to delivering substantial, audience-specific content.

As we move into a future increasingly defined by artificial minds and their astonishing capabilities, we’re excited to see where the world of learning goes—and we’re excited to take this journey together.

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