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The AI Learning Platform as a Cultural Liaison: the rug effect

Mindsmith helps create beautiful, multicultural learning.
Written by
Ethan Webb
Published on
December 20, 2023

I recently bought a rug. It wasn’t a spectacular tapestry, but it does have a beautiful simplicity. As I was typing this in my living room, I looked down at my new rug and thought about how it, with its interconnected threads and harmonious design, exemplifies building learning for a global team. We have to integrate diverse cultural and linguistic elements as we build eLearning content. Mindsmith, as an AI learning platform, helps to seamlessly unite global teams to help them achieve the much-sought-after inclusive “rug effect.”

1. Language Adaptation: A Mosaic of Words

Just like the varied threads of my rug come together to form a complete picture, the Mindsmith AI learning platform allows learning designers to weave many language versions of a lesson into a single file. Then, our SCORM packages dynamically adapt to different languages of different learners. This ensures that learners worldwide can interact with content in their native language. Imagine each thread as a different language, all interwoven to create a unified learning experience that’s accessible and resonant for everyone.

2. Culturally Relevant AI Content: Weaving in Local Flavors

Each pattern and color in my rug represents a different aspect of its design. Similarly, many of our users use our AI assistant to enrich lessons with culturally relevant examples and stories. For example, for a Spanish-speaking lesson, our users can regenerate a lesson to use soccer analogies – a much more popular sport with Spanish-speaking audiences than American audiences. This is like weaving in unique patterns that reflect the diverse cultural tapestry of our global audience, making each learning experience more engaging and relatable.

3. Tailored Educational Experiences: Designing with Precision

Designing rugs takes precision. The attention to detail with which each part of the rug is crafted mirrors how our writing guides help instructional designers create finely-tuned content. Organizations can save their writing guides, giving them consistency and accuracy across various learning designers. We had one user recently ask the AI to mix English and Tagalog to his young Filipino audience. He found that the AI did a superb job when creating dialogue that mirrored how a young Filipino person may speak with their parents. Honing in their target audience and narrative style ensures that every piece of educational material is as well-crafted and thoughtfully designed as the intricate patterns on my rug.

4. Team Collaboration: Interlaced Efforts for a Unified Outcome

Ok, I’ll admit that this one stretches the metaphor a bit. But I do know that the process of creating a rug often involves multiple weavers working in harmony. It’s usually not a single person weaving the rug by themselves. Similarly, our Teams tier facilitates collaboration among all stake-holders. You can have a native speaker read through a lesson and make comments without needing a Mindsmith license. Team members can regenerate lessons, sections, and cards under different prompts to create a beautiful, intercultural lesson together. As they each contribute their unique strands of insight, there comes a rich, cohesive educational tapestry that reflects a multitude of perspectives and skills.

Conclusion: A Unified Fabric of Global Learning

This rug in my living space, in its simplicity and unity, is just a small reminder of what we strive to achieve at Mindsmith. Our AI learning platform is akin to a loom that weaves together diverse linguistic and cultural threads, creating a fabric of global education that is as inclusive as it is comprehensive. As we continue to innovate and weave new patterns into this fabric, we invite learners and educators worldwide to join us in this vibrant, interconnected journey of learning and growth. Together, we are crafting a world of education that is as diverse, colorful, and interconnected as the threads of my humble rug.

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